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When Pigs Fry, Toronto tour

When Pigs Fry

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From the people that brought you 'Beer Makes History Better" comes a Toronto tour of porcine proportions. Sample bacon, pork, and sausage, find out about ethical pig farming at a local butcher, and learn about the role of the pig in pop culture, or is that pork culture? 

  • Become a pork aficionado in the city historically known as “Hogtown”
  • Fall in love with some of Toronto’s signature pork creations
  • Experience porky bliss when savouring delicious bacon, pork, and sausage
  • Visit three cool, unique, pork-loving local restaurants
  • Learn about pork quality and sustainable, ethical pig farming at an eminent local butcher shop

Tour style:Food, culture, local experiences, history

A fun, friendly, English-speaking tour guide, bacon/sausage/pork to try at three different restaurants, one-way streetcar transportation


Beverages, additional food, gratuity for your guide 

Group size:Maximum 12
Schedule details:
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Meeting point:

    Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame (NW corner of Yonge St. and Front St.)

  • Starting time: 2.00 PM
  • Ending point:

    King St West near Bathurst St.

Additional information :
  • Voucher exchange details:

    Please present your voucher to the local guide at the beginning of the tour.

  • Confirmation of booking:

    If you have your voucher, your booking is confirmed. We'll see you at the start point. 

    Get in touch if you have any concerns or require more information via the email address or phone number (business hours only) on your voucher.

  • Additional information:

    There are no vegetarian or vegan options available and no food substitutions are accepted on this tour. 

  • Dress standard:

    Dress for the weather. We are taking a streetcar to cover the longest distance between stops, but we will otherwise be walking.

  • Child policy:

    Children must be 6 years of age to 11 years inclusively.  Children below the age of 6 are not permitted on this tour.

  • Language: English


It’s time for a bit of pork overload...are you ready?

At one point there were so many pigs in Toronto that the city garnered the nickname “Hogtown”, and our pork and bacon earned a reputation for being some of the best in the world. Naturally, when you join this Toronto tour, you’ll experience the legendary deliciousness for yourself, through samples at some of the city’s coolest local establishments, and a visit to one of Toronto’s best butcher shops to learn about quality pork and where it comes from. Your Urban Adventures tour guide will tell you about the history of domestic pig farming and the development of the pork industry in Canada. Trust us - it’s actually quite interesting! Your guide might even “ham it up” with some pig jokes...if you’re lucky.

Your Toronto food tour begins in front of the historic Gooderham Flatiron Building, and heads to the St Lawrence Market, part of Old Town Toronto. The market itself is closed on Sundays, but a nearby restaurant serves what we’re after - a peameal bacon sandwich - which is arguably Toronto’s signature sandwich. While munching on this savoury treat, your guide will explain the origin of peameal bacon, the significance of the market to Toronto, and how the area has changed over the last 200 years.

After learning about the area and how Toronto earned the unflattering, yet beloved, nickname “Hogtown”, you’ll hop on board one of Toronto’s iconic streetcars (known elsewhere as a “trolly” or “tram”) and roll through the financial and entertainment districts into a trendy neighbourhood in the west end favoured by young professionals. The streetcar ride is a chance to learn more about pigs, pork, and bacon, and their role in popular culture.

Between King St West and Queen St West, this food tour in Toronto will stop by a local butcher shop that specialises in organic meats from sustainably practicing farms in the region. Here you will learn about organic and ethical farming, what goes into making quality pork products, and be able to ask the expert staff any questions you may have.

In this neighbourhood you’ll also visit two more restaurants to try a southern US piggy spin on a classic Canadian dish, and dig into a very popular German street food with American and British flavour influences. As Toronto is such a multicultural city, it’s unsurprising that even our signature pork dishes have been transformed by different cultural influences (something us locals really love). At each of these restaurant stops, we will be lingering long enough to purchase a beverage, if you’re interested, and both places have an excellent selection of local craft beers (for those 19+ years of age).

At the conclusion of the tour, your guide will present you with several recommended options for dinner (including the restaurants visited on the tour) and can give you directions to wherever you need to go for your next adventure.  

Bacon, pork, sausage, and ride on the streetcar. If this doesn’t sound like one of the best things to do in Toronto, then we don’t know what does! The only thing that could possibly make this tour better is if we could somehow wrap it all in more bacon. Mmmm bacon wrapped in bacon...

Photo Gallery:

When Pigs Fry, Toronto tourWhen Pigs Fry, Toronto tourWhen Pigs Fry, Toronto tourWhen Pigs Fry, Toronto tourWhen Pigs Fry, Toronto tourWhen Pigs Fry, Toronto tour

Traveller Feedback:

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Mr. Mathew J.
Australia ~ 13 Nov 2014
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As a guide Jason was more than we expected and you couldn't fault his enthusiasm or knowledge. This tour is fantastic and I would recommend to all!


Mr. James S.
Australia ~ 30 May 2014
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Fantastic tour. Jason was awesome. The Healthy Butcher's bacon was the best I have had.


Mrs. Jennifer O.
Canada ~ 28 Nov 2013
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This was an excellent tour! My husband and I have lived in Toronto our whole lives but still managed to learn an awful lot from our guide. The pork sampled at all the restaurants was excellent and was a great reflection of our local cuisine. I also appreciated the focus on sustainability and food practices held to the highest standard.


Ms. Erica G.
USA ~ 30 May 2013
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Jason led us on a unique adventure through the city that lived up to the name, “When pigs fry”. The tour itself was a delightful trifecta of Toronto’s history, an high-level overview of the neighborhoods, and food (num num num)..


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