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Toronto Urban Adventure offers Toronto walking tours designed to delight both locals and visitors alike! Get under the skin of the city and into the nooks and crannies other Toronto tours don't go! Toronto is best experienced in a small group with a local guide eager to share what they love most about their city. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Canada's largest and most multicultural city has something for everyone! Indulge in this great city and see it from a local’s perspective on a unique Urban Adventures Toronto walking tour

Toronto is a city bursting at the seams with culture; foodies can indulge in cuisine from all over the globe. Museum lovers can lose themselves in gallery upon gallery of art, exhibits, and artifacts. Outdoor enthusiasts will discover Toronto is a "city in a park" with swaths of green space dotting the downtown, cutting through the city in deep valleys, and throughout the metropolitan area. Even if you only have 24 hours in Toronto, the city will be sure to impress you.

The city's seasonal and cultural celebrations are as varied and as spirited as its people, whether it's the Toronto International Film Festival, Pride Week, Caribana, or the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Toronto is also a hotbed for live music, comedy, theatre, dance, and other performing arts and has seen many of its artists reach the highest levels of achievement both nationally and on stages around the world. Whatever you're interested in, there are plenty of things to do in Toronto.

If you are planning to take a tour of Toronto, take a look at our wide-range of unique options specially created by our local team.

 Multicultural Kensington Market & Chinatown tour in Toronto Kensington Market & Chinatown
from 19 reviews
From CAD 30.00

Skip the generic, tourist-trap sights and join this Toronto tour to see two of the city's coolest communities. Hit Chinatown to see where China and Canada collide, then visit the Kensington Market area for graffiti, vintage shops, coffee houses, comic book stores, and everything else decidedly hip.


Beer Makes History Better tour in Toronto Beer Makes History Better
from 16 reviews
From CAD 43.00

Through fire, war, depression, cholera, rebellion, and repression, beer has been there soothing the woes of Toronto's people. Join them in historic pubs and hear tales of years gone by over a craft beer on this Toronto tour that proves that beer does indeed make history better (like that was ever in doubt)!


Where the Bacon Adventure Begins When Pigs Fry
from 2 reviews
From CAD 59.00

From the people that brought you 'Beer Makes History Better" comes a Toronto tour of porcine proportions. Sample bacon, pork, and sausage, find out about ethical pig farming at a local butcher, and learn about the role of the pig in pop culture, or is that pork culture? 


North by Northeast Music Festival
Place: city wide - [ 16/06/2014 - 20/06/2014 ]

625 bands in 5 days spanning every genre in 50 venues across Toronto, the The North by Northeast Music & Film Festival and Conference (NXNE) is Canada's #1 showcase for music and music related films. 

Luminato Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity
Place: Downtown - [ 11/06/2014 - 20/06/2014 ]

For ten days each year the streets, museums, galleries, and theatre venues are transformed into creative contemporary art exhibits and places of artistic expression. Both local and international artists turn Toronto's downtown into an urban art extravaganza.

Canada Day
Place: City Hall - [ 01/07/2014 ]

Live music, street events, red and white face paint and an evening fireworks display make Canada's "birthday" celebration a spectacle enjoyed by everyone. You don't have to be Canadian to get swept up in the excitement and exuberance and join in on the fun.

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How Toronto Got Its Name

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Ms. Luanne P.
30 Jan 2014
Jason was an awesome tour guide, very informative, fun, and considerate. Very interesting and eclectic sort of tour, everything from the Stanley Cup to cholera and Bansky, PLUS beer to go along. Will definitely be checking out more Urban Adventure Tours in the future. Thank you for the tour!!
Mrs. Jennifer O.
28 Nov 2013
This was an excellent tour! My husband and I have lived in Toronto our whole lives but still managed to learn an awful lot from our guide. The pork sampled at all the restaurants was excellent and was a great reflection of our local cuisine. I also appreciated the focus on sustainability and food practices held to the highest standard.
Mr. Robert H.
24 Aug 2013
James was amazing. I can't wait to take our next tour the next time we visit Toronto.
Mr. Timothy N.
31 Jul 2013
Met James at 10 am on a Saturday and gave us a great tour of the local neighborhood and afterward g gave us some local places to eat which were good. Well worth it, great way to see the city.
Ms. Mila R.
02 Jul 2013
I was very pleased! I learned about the gritty side of TO which is what I asked for! It was amazing to learn about the underground graffiti scene in Kensington Market! And Jason's local knowledge is fantastic! First time trying butter tart made it a memorable experience.
Mr. Michael H.
20 Jun 2013
Mike is a great guide
Ms. Erica G.
30 May 2013
Jason led us on a unique adventure through the city that lived up to the name, “When pigs fry”. The tour itself was a delightful trifecta of Toronto’s history, an high-level overview of the neighborhoods, and food (num num num)..
Ms. Brittany W.
22 May 2013
I live in the city and learned so many things I didn't know! Dave was SUPER awesome.
Mr. Nick E.
United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013
The tour exceeded all expectations, highly recommended.
Mr. Jacob W.
26 Feb 2013
My wife went to Toronto for our honey moon and wanted to do something interesting and fun. Jason took us on a great tour of Toronto, showing us local pubs, local landmarks and a special treat the St. Lawrence Market. We spent a bit over 3 hours touring and learning about the city. Its obvious Jason is passionate about his tours through the way he talks about his city and well beer... It was perfect! When we travel, we will be looking in to Urban Adventures for cities that we visit... Jason did an awesome job!
Local Connection

The Toronto Urban Adventures team is made up of local tour guides who live in Toronto. When you travel with us, you are getting a local's perspective and the benefit of a resident's knowledge. We're also a lot of fun to hang out with.


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